Our Promise

We’re committed to keeping everyone safe.

Construction is a dangerous business, and safety is non-negotiable.
Employee and worker safety is our number one priority. We lead by example to ensure the culture of safety at Streamline is a constant. We believe every accident and injury can be prevented through a combination of clear, timely communication, careful planning and dedication to proven processes.

Streamline’s Commitment to Safety

OSHA Training

All Streamline employees on our project sites are OSHA 30-Hour trained.

Safety Orientation

Prior to the start of work, all workers on our projects attend a safety orientation conducted by our trained superintendents.

Safety as Priority

All jobsite meetings throughout the course of a project begin with a safety discussion to ensure everyone continually keeps worker safety a priority.

Weekly Inspections

All superintendents conduct weekly project safety inspections to ensure the jobsite is safe for all workers.

Toolbox talks

All subcontractors conduct weekly safety “Toolbox Talks” to discuss and identify the hazards associated with their specific tasks.

Zero Tolerance

Streamline has a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Streamline stands for quality. We’ve partnered with them for years and have always been impressed with their pre-construction planning and ongoing communication, not to mention their ability to scale."

Co-Founder, MRE Capital

"As the project manager on a 138-unit independent living facility we were building, I found Brian to be very truthful and straightforward. He was very diligent, very consistent in his efforts. Given the opportunity, I’d work with Brian again."

Jack Snyder

"Kyle and Brian don’t look at just the low number. They look at the complete scope when it comes to contracting. They’re very professional, and they work well with other trades. They understand that we’re all one team."

Cary Lagrone